Facebook ChatBot for your Hotel

24/7 personalized attention via an automated chat

Connect your guests with your hotel via Facebook Messenger

Have your hotel’s bot ready and answering guests in less than 20 minutes
Without downloads or registering. Your guests can communicate with the hotel via Facebook Messenger and they’ll only have to search for the name of the hotel
Automatic answers in the language you decide. The Bot learns from its interactions to provide more accurate answers each time.
Trilyo Dashboard

Front Desk

Manage reservations, transactions and guest information with Trilyo's smart guest profiling system. Ensure guest satisfaction with detailed visit histories and customer preferences.

realtime feedback management

Feedback Management

With Trilyo Realtime Feedback system, start tapping into your guest's preferences and expectations; get instant negative-sentiment alerts and generate analysis to understand your customer behavior.

concierge services

Efficient Services

Improve and streamline business operations by integrating services, improve guest experience, attend to their needs and wants, all effortlessly in sync with the FrontDesk & Feedback.

trilyo analytics

Powerful Analytics

Enhance customer information and preferences with Trilyo Analytics Tool. Customize offers that appeal to customers with the smart mapping feature. Create “WOW” moments for customers and maximize customer spend.