12 [Use Cases] why you need a WhatsApp Chatbot for eCommerce business

Chatbots have been successfully improving the user experience in the eCommerce domain for many brands since the year Facebook messenger introduced bots integration. Customers have been very much accustomed to this new concept which is a good sign from a business perspective.

The conversation, however, is now shifting from Facebook Messenger to WhatsApp. With the introduction of WhatsApp API , the chatbot experience has been elevated to a better user interactive manner which should be utilized by all eCommerce brands.

Consumers associate bots deal with resolving issues, getting quick answers in emergencies and with 24-hour service. They associate messaging with comfort, convenience, and familiarity.

But why implement WhatsApp chatbot to eCommerce business?

You will have this question that why you even need to implement a WhatsApp chatbot for eCommerce in the first place!

According to a recent report, the number of purchases made through smartphones was 80% last year. That’s quite an indication, how mobile commerce is beating desktop users and climbing to the top of the eCommerce ladder.

This is why instant messaging platforms come into play. Messaging platforms has revolutionized the user experience by making it more accessible, convenient and adaptable.

WhatsApp has now become the leader on the global market boasting 1.6 billion active monthly users and increasing its user base with 15% every year.

Becoming available on a platform where consumers already feel at home and comfortable can not only help you win their trust but also save significant costs on creating bespoke solutions such as apps which, in the end, have much lower engagement rates.

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Now let’s get to know about the best use cases you can implement through WhatsApp Business API and provide your customer with the best journey of experience.

1. Customer Acquisition

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With WhatsApp API you stand a great opportunity to capture prospects details online the best way. It enables you to bring them to the messenger platform directly from the web/mobile browser to the real world.

This acts as a powerful CTA in order to bring your customers actively on your platform and can be interacted via automated messages through API extensions to different NLP engines:

There are different methods on how you can activate your customers to get into your WhatsApp Business.

  • Chatbot Button: You may have encountered a chat symbol at the end of a web page or even used it for your website, what if you can direct the chat conversation to WhatsApp platform which can be expected to have a better response from your customers.
  • Platform subscription: Giving an option of subscribing right into the WhatsApp platform will allow potential customers to receive notifications, news, and updates via a channel on a frequent basis.
  • Campaign Ads CTA: WhatsApp API can be used as the best landing page approach in your paid campaigns. When your prospects click on the Facebook or Google ad , they will be invited to a WhatsApp conversation that engages them as per the ad description, which can eventually increase your ROAS.

2. Increase Sales

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Now you have got your prospect details then let’s focus on sales. With WhatsApp chatbot, you can engage with new customers and personalize the overall sales cycle. You can engage with the users conversationally by offering discounts on the products they will be interested in.

This will generate interest in your customer’s mind and will continue to complete the purchase process thereby becoming your full-time customers. You can also avail vouchers or special features on successful purchase completion that will influence them to continue their shopping in the chatbot itself.

3. Information gathering

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When a user gets in contact with your WhatsApp chatbot you will automatically fetch his contact number and name, but why to restrict with the given information when you have the best medium to get more details from your customers.

In getting with the conversation with the customers you can get better details to make the overall experience personalized for them based on their interests, language, and region. This also really helps in segregating a list of customers with similar product interest to send broadcast messages at one time which can get better attention from interested customers.

4. Product suggestion

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The best way of utilizing customer data based on their product interest or previous purchase history is by showcasing the list of product catalogs. Recently the WhatsApp Business has rolled out the product catalog for customers to browse through a range of varieties.

The chatbot can provide better images, gifs or videos of the products and provide a mobile-responsive URL to complete the purchase of the product. This is an interesting way to personalize the interaction and further improve the performance based on user inputs.

5. Product Guides

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It is an obvious process by any customer to get better details about a product before they are planning to purchase it. The provided details below the product description may confuse the customers and expecting an immediate response from customer service is quite not possible. That’s where chatbots come in handy and became a crucial part of eCommerce. They are able to handle inquiries significantly faster and more efficiently thereby eliminating the wait.

WhatsApp chatbots perform as a better product guide where it can answer in detail about the products at a fast pace. The better part, it happens in a platform where the user can get much-segregated details as per the requirement and the performance will be quick and much more stable than any web or mobile app.

6. Abandoned Cart Recovery

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Shopping cart abandonment rate is one of the important issues online commerce companies face. It was speculated that in 2019, the overall cart abandonment rate for major sectors averaged at 79.2%. The other solution such as sending emails only resulted in 21% of the success of completing the purchase.

SMS option resulted in a better open and purchase rate as compared to email so it can be concluded that messaging will perform better for this case. WhatsApp, with its 1.6 billion monthly active users has a greater tendency to much improve the cart abandonment issue by directly approaching the customers on their messaging platform and will perform better than email or SMS notifications.

7. Transaction Confirmations, Invoices & Notifications

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Having all the necessary information like Payment notifications, billing invoices, and other product-related details will be sent to the user’s WhatsApp number that really makes it easier for them to get all the details regarding their product at any time under a single platform.

With WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption, you can send crucial sensitive information to customers instantly and securely without having to worry that the message ends up in the spam folder when sent by email. Hence, you can be sure your clients are up-to-date and their personal information is protected.

8. Shipping Updates

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It is quite evident that your customers will regularly get in touch with you to know the shipping updates and other queries regarding delivery, but the problem is that customers have to go through different platforms for getting the solutions which very much takes up their time.

WhatsApp enables you to send shipping updates every time the package changes location or any cause of delay without annoying the customer. It also allows you to avoid the friction of opening the website or app again and again to see the updates.

9. Collect better Feedback

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Feedback and reviews are the important factor to gain the trust of a new customer but collecting it from the previous customer is a difficult task. After the purchase, many consumers avoid opening emails or messages that ask for their review. And, it was noticed that people who had a bad experience are often the one to click and visit the website to write a negative review about it which reduces the credibility of a product even if it’s not that bad.

With WhatsApp chatbot, you can ask your customers to provide reviews and ratings for their purchased products on a highly conversable platform . What’s even more interesting is that review when submitted as part of an automated conversation then it allows your chatbot to detect the feedback and perform the action to solve their problem.

10. Reliable FAQ

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Some of the questions asked by customers are very repetitive and custom based which eventually eats a lot of time when asked from a customer service representative. These kinds of questions are often provided in the FAQ section on websites but customers don’t generally go through the section and miss out on clarifying their doubts easily.

Having FAQ on WhatsApp chatbot itself can answer all the customer-centric questions which will help customers to easily converse and get to know the solutions to their problems easily without much interference of customer support.

11. Multilingual Service

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Companies who are providing their services to many different countries always look for a local touch to better connect with the people of that region. And, what is the best way than speaking the language of the customer based on their respective region, which forms better personalization between company and customers.

WhatsApp is the perfect platform to achieve this since 133 out of 180 countries are using it as the most favorable means of messaging. With the targeted regions, WhatsApp chatbot will converse with your customers in their mode of communication.

12. Product Life-Cycle offers

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Consumers usually purchase products having a predictable consumption time, which makes it quite certain that the customer will plan to buy the product again soon after this consumption. This opportunity can easily be tapped by businesses that can perform the action on a certain list of customers with similar consumption cycle.

With your WhatsApp API for eCommerce integrations, your customer will prompt with a message like “Hi [name], how’s your supply of [product] holding up? If you are running low, let us know with a message for a quick reorder!”

Your WhatsApp eCommerce integration can help you in 2 possible ways:

  • Send timely notifications taking into account average customer reorder cycles or a personalized reorder cycle of each client.
  • Combine replenishment notifications with subscription programs as conversion rates for subscriptions are much higher when customers are already making recurring purchases.


These are the top 12 essential use cases you can implement in your WhatsApp bot for eCommerce business. This will rise up the power to transform and personalize the way you communicate with your client base.

There are many more applications you can bring out from the API integrations which we haven’t discussed here. There are tremendous opportunities in the future that will be brought by WhatsApp, especially for ease of business for the eCommerce sector.

So, if you still haven’t leveraged this wonderful opportunity, it’s time to apply for WhatsApp API and bring your business much closer to your customers.


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