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A chatbot builder platform that creates a personalized chatbot for your brand and integrates it with Facebook messenger.


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With more than 1.4 billion users on Facebook Messenger, the platform is emerging as the best marketplace for many businesses. In the era of technological growth, the best way to establish friendly communication between your brand and your audience can be achieved through a chatbot.

Chatbots can interact with users in real-time and their response rate is really efficient. You can build and embed such chatbots on your own website, or link them with your company’s Facebook pages. They can easily respond to repeated customer queries, help segment your audience and collect quality leads.

Proven Chat is built with the mission of helping you build the best chatbots that will grow your business on popular digital platforms like Facebook Messenger. Building chatbots on different chatbot building platforms is often a frustrating and time-consuming process resulting in the need to understand the complex procedure. Thus Proven Chat offers you a simple and seamless flow to build your own virtual assistant with ease.


The features in Proven Chat provide its users with essential requirements in building a successful chatbot. Let’s have a look at all the features that will matter for your business in getting to start making a chatbot.


The flow builder is designed in a way that new users can easily understand especially the branch logic of the conversational flow. The branch logic is built like a flowchart which makes it easier for users to keep track of their work. Upon getting started you get various options that allow you to create messages, provide responsive buttons, add images, etc for your customers.

After connecting the chatbot with your Facebook page you can test the conversational flow on Facebook Messenger. This will give you a general idea of how the conversation will happen and which other features you can use to make it act more user interactive.


The workspace offers different varieties of templates that have been created after analyzing commonly used conversational flows of chatbots in major industries. The templates can be previewed by the users for a better understanding of the flow logic so they can plan their conversational flow accordingly.

You can even build and design a template from scratch as per your requirement. For your better convenience, you will get many pre-defined flows in the template builder itself which you can use according to your conversation sequence.


Proven Chat allows you to export generic data of relevant customers for your business via a third party application. This can be accomplished with a simple task of putting up Facebook ads from your Facebook page connected with both Proven Chat and third-party applications. With every click on your ads, important user data will be extracted and stored in a dashboard which later can be uploaded on your Proven Chat bot subscribers list.

Chatbots really don’t like it when fewer customers interact with them, so to solve this problem you can send bulk messages to your subscribers. You can choose relevant logic flow through which you want to initiate the conversation and select a time to send it to your subscribers’ messenger box. For an important conversation flow to start, you can even assign trigger keywords that would start the conversation when your customer uses the same keywords in the chatbot.


The best part of having a chatbot is you can get your customers relevant data via a friendly conversation. The data collected needs to be stored in a database that can be used for better knowing your customers and gamify your chatbot to better suit your customers’ needs. The data can also be used to further analyze and predict better possibilities for your business growth in the future as well.

In the Proven Chat, you get access to all your subscribers’ data and chat history on the Subscribers Management dashboard. You can accordingly set groups of subscribers based on similar customers’ interests and could segregate messages to be sent groupwise.


This is a special feature provided for the admins of respective Facebook pages. You can have a watch over at the live conversation going over between your chatbot and customers. This allows you to keep a live track of your chatbot performance for every logic flows.

If required you can always take over the chat manually by pausing the chatbot conversation when you get a potential lead and wish to take them in the desired direction. This can be applicable in some cases when your chatbot is not able to take the conversation in the right direction.


We have developed a customer support forum for our respective users where they can reach out to us by filling their contact information form. If you need any additional features to enhance your chatbot performance then you can provide information regarding it and we will get it build for you.

We have even made video tutorials for first-time users of Proven Chat for providing better insights on the whole process of building a chat flow right from scratch.


The beta version of Proven Chat is currently being tested by limited customers and their overall experience in building and testing the chatbot on Facebook messenger has been really good.

Proven Chat will surely arise as a tough competition to other chatbot building platforms in terms of providing a better user interface and user experience to its users when rolled out for all customers worldwide.


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