Travel bot - An international railway company chatbot

A chatbot powered with NLP abilities with a user-friendly interface, a must-have tool for travel service sectors to provide better experience to their customers.


International railway company




Html, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, MongoDB, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Angular(2+)


Together with Robocopy, Botsnext has developed an artificially intelligent chatbot for an international railway company that provides travel information to its passengers. Travel chatbot is one of the best virtual assistants that assist passengers in getting better information about public transport in their destination city. Like in Paris, the chatbot will provide informative details that would make passengers travel experience convenient in public transports like metro, tram, bus and taxi services across the city.


The international railway company (client) is a public transportation service giant operating over 2000 miles of the distance across the country with more than 438 million riders using the service every year. It also provides transportation services to major international cities like Paris, Berlin, Basel, Frankfurt, Antwerp and is planning to spread its connectivity to other major cities of Europe in the future as well.

The passengers of this railway company traveling to Paris regularly looked for information on public transportation to travel around the city. To know more about the information, passengers either explore the offline mediums in railway stations or search in different digital channels where the information is available in scattered form. This caused frustration among passengers in spending more time scorching for relevant information and losing out on better and affordable travel experience.

The railway company wanted to solve this problem faced by its passengers by providing a single point solution that can provide all the information for public transport in Paris. They wanted the solution to be user-friendly and interactive so people can actually enjoy exploring for getting better information and get encouraged to use the same for their future traveling plan as well.


The railway company planned to deploy an AI conversational chatbot on their web application. They contacted Robocopy, which is recognized as the best conversational design firm in the Netherlands, for designing a user-friendly conversational flow for the chatbot. Robocopy partnered with BotsNext in the successful development of chatbot that follows the conversational flow seamlessly.

Design & Development

The chatbot was planned to be designed in a way that initiates the conversation with traveling passengers by asking whether they need to get the detailed information regarding public transport in Paris. The conversation is also developed in a way that does not end the conversation but encourages its users to further ask more information on other public transport as well.

Robocopy then gathered and analyzed the commonly held conversation from both offline and online medium by the passengers for inquiring about public transport, on the basis of which they designed an interactive conversational flow.

We then developed entities and intents on our NLP agent based on the conversational flow and trained it for giving a better response to the user. For some flows, if the desired response was not coming as expected then we would suggest our partner company in making changes in conversational flow accordingly which helped the chatbot to better its response performance.

The chatbot is currently operational on web page applications but is planned to be rolled out in popular messaging app WhatsApp too for better customer engagement in the coming days.


The result of our chatbot performance has been really impressing and it has encouraged the railway company to further improve the chatbot features and deploy the same services to other major cities of Europe as well.

Travel chatbot is a huge milestone in the field of the railway sector and travel services. With better results and more success with the live version of our chatbot, we look forward to encouraging many travel service providers to align the chatbot technology with their service as well.


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