Artificially Intelligent Debt assistant chatbot for a Canadian finance firm

A chatbot powered with NLP abilities with a user-friendly interface, a must-have tool for service-based firms providing contract or subscription terminating solutions.


Green Online




Html, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, MongoDB, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Angular(2+)


Together with Green Online, Botsnext has developed an artificially intelligent chatbot that provides professional services to customers who are planning to cancel their contract or subscription with a company. ContractTerminator is one of the best virtual assistants that assist customers by asking the necessary details in order to generate a legal document that automatically cancels the contract from any company.


GreenOnline is a Netherlands based firm that specializes in terminating subscriptions and service contracts for its customers from varied platforms. The company focuses on developing solutions and tools to limit the traditional process of terminating a contract and automates the process to get digital which is more convenient for the customer.

Currently, they are in collaboration with more than 3000 organizations and providing services in 8 countries within Europe.

GreenOnline’s revenue per expenditure model is really great across all the platforms in which they are operating. With the aspiration of expanding their business with the latest technological development as well, they wanted to have a dedicated web-based chatbot.

Initially, they contacted a Netherlands based software development firm for building an AI-powered chatbot but the final product was far from satisfactory for the client. The bot clearly lacked proper implementation of personalized messages and understanding the contexts in an efficient way. Following the advice from one of our mutual connections, the company then approached us to re-develop the chatbot from scratch.


While going through the existing chatbot we realized that the conversation flow was not designed properly and training of intents and entities was not done properly.

The client also suggested for some advanced features to be added in the chatbot - A user interactive conversational chatbot that generates a digital subscription canceling invoice as per the legal process based on the details provided by the user after verifying details from its database. Also, a feature that follows GDPR policy under EU legislation which allows the user to delete their data from the chatbot database.

Design & Development

We started first with designing the conversation flow which could give a personalized touch to the conversation and keep the customers engaged all the time while capturing the relevant information.

We also asked for a set of queries that customers mostly ask from the client on the different platforms through which we improved intents and entities accordingly on the Dialogflow agent. We used custom context handling through the backend to make sure that the customer’s navigation through the whole flow is smooth and seamless.

As discussed with the client we developed a feature that saves your data and continues the conversation without going through the process again. Also, the chatbot was made GDPR compliant which was very critical for the client. A user can modify their data for any step and can also delete their existing data as per GDPR policy.


The chatbot resulted in 72% success in canceling the contract of the selected users who have used the beta version.

Contract terminator’s main purpose is to make the user experience better by having a human-friendly conversation with customers at any time as per their convenience. It brings relief to the process of sending a subscription cancellation invoice physically and instead sends it digitally at a much cheaper price.

The AI chatbot powered with NLP capabilities is bringing a change in the working process of the platform as a service provider organization. Our chatbot performance has influenced many decision-makers to utilize the capabilities of chatbot for the user growth in their organization as well.


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