Training and Knowledgebase Chatbot platform

A chatbot powered with NLP abilities with a user-friendly interface, a must-have tool for content creating firms providing e-learning solutions.




Html, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, MongoDB, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Angular(2+)


With billions of dollars getting spent by enterprises for onboarding and training of their employees, the rise in digital adoption to reduce that expenditure is taking place. Many enterprises are now adopting the digital method for achieving the process which will reduce expenditure, process timings, and improve employee interaction.

Botsnext has developed an artificially intelligent chatbot builder that designs e-learning chatbots for enterprises working in the hospitality sectors. This platform was developed for the purpose of providing a properly structured educational training that eases the process of onboarding and training of the employees.


Many organizations face the problem of efficient knowledge-based training which is necessary for employees to undergo. The company’s training department will agree to the fact that despite attending regular training sessions, most employees show less interest. The goal of training gets unaccomplished to an extent with the currently used sources for teaching.

We wanted to solve this problem that not only reduces the overall cost of onboarding and training but also improves the employees’ performance as well. With the upcoming technology advancements in Chatbots, we build a platform that can develop a content-wise generating conversational flow which would generate interest in employees for effective learning.


The platform is developed that provides a user-friendly interface for anyone to design conversational chatbot flows for training purposes. The chatbot can be integrated into Facebook messenger for providing a better learning experience which motivates the staff to better use their time in enhancing the training knowledge.

Platform Features

The e-learning platform provides its users with the essential features required in building the best conversational chatbot. Let’s have a look at all the features that will matter for your business to get started with making a chatbot.


The module builder is designed in a way by which new users can easily understand the branch logic of the conversational flow. The branch logic is designed like a flowchart that makes it easier for users to keep track of their work. Upon getting started you get various options that allow you to create like text messages, add images or videos and conduct quizzes.

You can design different modules based on the department type in your organization. After creating modules you can test the flow by connecting it to your company’s Facebook page to better understand the conversational flow and plan accordingly to make it more employee interactive.

Employee Performance

This is often a time-consuming process for hiring managers to look over their employee’s performance from time to time with accurate results. This causes frustration between both sides when a relevant decision needs to be made.

For solving this problem we have developed a dashboard for having a quick overview of your employee’s performance. The performance will be represented in the form of rankings and scores so you can analyze which of your employees are performing well and who is not.


You can start off the conversational flow department wise at any time based on your enterprise preference. This will allow you to check the performance of all your employees at the same time. This will very much help in reducing the time consumed in analyzing your employer’s performance separately.

The broadcasting also provides you an option selecting individual mail addresses when you want to send messages to a particular section of your employees.


With our product, we would like to influence the sectors who are struggling with employee training to enhance their training effectively by adopting a digital approach and improve their employee performance.


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